The Harmonic Convergence 33 years Later

Prayers for California and Points West                                                    

I am a Californiaphile at heart.  It was on August 17th, 1987 that my wife, my children, and I joined hundreds of light carriers, first nation families, sage old hippies, renaissance fair artisans for a large gathering on top of Mount Shasta. The date was noted to be a day of global change toward peace and associated with a significant cosmological event as predicted in the Mayan calendar. Mount Shasta has always been a significant holy spot the even predates our Native Americans. Like Sedona Arizona, or Tulum Mexico it is known to have spiritual vortexes that have always existed.  Natural electromagnetic field junctures such as these are like mother earth’s acupuncture points across the planet. They are at the epicenter of a natural torus that emits a high frequency that can purportedly restore equilibrium and vitality at a subatomic level. Our bodies being 70% water resonates easily with subtle energies, just as like a glass of water emits surface ripples with a subtle earth tremor; resonance happens.

We were on Mount Shasta, others were on Mount Yunaska in Canada, Mount Fuji in Japan, and many other sacred places worldwide for the 1987 Harmonic convergence, a gathering of believers praying for world peace and healing for those who suffer. We needed a healing our 9-year-old son who was dying of cancer. We were then living temporarily in San Diego continuing with alternative treatments for our son and we hoped for a spiritual healing from the event on Mount Shasta.

We as a family participated in a healing circle where dozens of people surrounding us, holding connection with us, praying, meditating with a focused mindfulness for healing. We had been fighting cancer for almost two years, we had sold our home, our cars, and almost everything we had. Earlier we had a miracle healing in Mexico where the cancer disappeared, but now it was back with a vengeance to the point of no return.  I was on Mount Shasta for me, I was physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted, my dashboard went blank, my tank out of gas.  My son was dying, I was depleted I prayed for the energy to move back across the country to Minnesota where he could die at home with family. That is when it happened; I received my miracle.

We spread out Laying as a family on Navajo blankets and chanted with the native Americans that were all clad in their regalia participating in a sun dance. When they were through with the dance many came to surround us on our blankets.  We were placed laying prone on our backs in a wheel of conductivity, all four of us were head to head, hand to hand in a center circle. People gathered and placed their hands on our feet, legs hands and arms and all started chanting Om and we were to ask the grandfathers for healing.

I cannot vouch for what happened for my family during the circle prayer but something very profound happened to me, which was powerful, unimaginable, but lucidly real. I was hit with a bolt of energy that I could see, feel, and react to. My body tightened; my back arched my back in response like paddles from defibrillator, but it did not hurt. I felt warm, loved, caressed, and in the company of an angel I could not see. As quick as it happened, it was gone, I was still holding hands with my family and they said I had never moved an inch.

When I opened my eyes, I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she swung to door open from Kansas to colorful Oz…step out of dark, and into the light. Something clicked in my soul, I felt energized and abundant. We moved back to Minnesota; we rented a home for month where my son died. We had to rebuild our lives from the journey of fighting cancer, and now the journey to comprehend our loss.  Like Zeus throwing a lightning bolt an angel jump started my heart to be able to bury my son and rebuild our lives.    I wrote a poem shortly after the experience as it is hard to articulate the inexplicable.

August 17, 1987

The harmonic convergence was

a convergence for me and the world alike

It promoted good feeling and worldwide healing

As souls and nations did unite

With hearts and hands held together

The forces of love encircled the earth

Spheres collided in cosmic places

In the mystic between death and birth

A portal opened between our worlds

And I was hit with a divine shaft of light

That seemed to pool in my hands ‘

Like the full moon in the darkest of night

It was hot as fire, yet had no burn

Intensely bright but I could easily see

And I formed from this unearthly light

a scepter I know was meant for me

I raised the scepter above my head

And drove it deep within my heart

 Immediately I felt love course through my veins

And I sat up with a start

 The portal of light closed just as fast

And my surroundings returned all intact

My son was still lying next to me

And I know we had just made a pact

We are a team, one family

With a loving God who is on our side

and no matter what may happen now

we are going to let it ride

I will never forget God’s touch

When I was in so exhausted and in a slump

Sometimes our faith runs out of gas

 and we find God waiting at the pump.

33 years now have passed since that day on Mount Shasta when the hand of God touched my heart and we prayed for world peace. I still pray every day for world peace and keep my pact I had made that day. Tomorrow is August 17th make a concerted effort to pray for country in such turmoil. Prayer is a very real and tangible energy which is measurable at a quantum level. Please Pray, make intentions; and vote, our country needs a healing.  

Personally, I believe that healing can only take place on November 3rd.

When California gets a cold the whole country sneeze. This state is the bellwether of the country for weather, economy, fashion trends, technology, racial demographics, entertainment, and social change. Climate change is real but slow to heal, the damage to the stratosphere will take decades if not centuries to heal to better protect our troposphere which is in big time trauma. It can heal with proper stewardship, but for us old folks it’ already too late; we are screwed already; it won’t come back in our lifetime. We can although make a significant influence for our grandchildren either way, which way is up to us.

For someone to say with a firm resolve that we can fix the fire potentials in California by raking leaves in 33 million acres is beyond ludicrous and makes a mockery of intelligence and leadership ability. A president mocking someone with a handicap goes beyond the pale of understanding, A president who openly degrades women is disgusting. A president who thinks hate filled racists are good people is unimaginable. A president who writes love letters to dangerous fanatical, nuclear war driven dictator is just plain bat crap crazy. A president who states at the beginning of pandemic to the American people that it will magically go away, and that it’s a lesser threat than the common flu, when he was just informed it is much more deadly than the flu and will kill a million people globally by summer’s end. And here we are almost a million dead, nearing 200k in our own country. Please consider this when you cast your ballots this November. It is not about red or blue, it’s about decency and sanity; make America decent and sane again; vote your conscience, not your party line.

2 thoughts on “The Harmonic Convergence 33 years Later

  1. I bow to you, to Barb, to Kelly and your extended family. You inspire me my friend… You were and are in my heart and part of my soul… My healer and guiding light. Your poem is both powerful and beautiful, as is your faith in life, and love everlasting ❤️💜💚💛🧡


    1. Thank you Laura for you kind words and salutations to my family, to inspire and help to heal is my goal. I appreciate your response. A as I get longer in the tooth I have become more transparent in telling my truth and have become more impatient with ignorance.


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